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Brief information about our school in English


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About the School:

LSG (Letohradské soukromé gymnázium) is a small non-state school for secondary education in the nice town of Letohrad. Letohrad is located in the picturesque region of the Eagle Mountains near the border with Poland. Our school resides in a beautifully renovated Baroque chateau built in the late 16th century. We share the historic chateau with a hotel, a restaurant and a library.



Letohrad in winter                                 A view from our school                          Historic houses in the square


Our Identity

There are about 160 students and 20 teachers at LSG, which means that we all know each other. The age of our students is 11-19. We are committed to offering each of them an excellent academic education, an inspiring variety of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, and the care and personal attention of our teaching staff. Almost 100% of our students are accepted to universities. Our pupils study in classrooms equipped with modern teaching aids including data projectors or plasma TVs. There is a PC in every classroom and PCs are available in the corridors, too. Students can use WiFi connection with their laptops.   


LSG provides general secondary education and so we place emphasis on the balance between humanities and sciences. At higher grades we create possibility for the students to focus on their future study and career through a wide range of optional subjects. We emphasise studying foreign languages: we teach English, German, Spanish, and Russian.

LSG also offers individual study programme for active sportsmen preparing for their professional sport career. At present, 11 such students take advantage of the programme.

All students can enjoy various sports courses and activities.




We participate in EU Comenius programme. It’s a great challenge and a great opportunity for the students and teachers to learn about different European countries, their people and culture. Currently we are taking part in the Comenius programme called “Europeanization and Back to Europe”. We are one of 11 schools from various countries within the EU involved in the programme. 



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