About Project

Erasmus+ KA2 Project

Let's Learn from the Others

Students and teachers from partner schools are going to perform and share their very best educational and social practises. While building the participants communication and speaking skills, the project strongly focuses on fostering two different kinds of competencies.

Technical skills

(science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, ICT, etc.)

Social skills

(historical, cultural, social awarenes, team work,etc.)

Among the participants there are four schools:

  • Czech school called LSG (180 students) located in rural area near Polish boarder;
  • Italian Istituti Vinci (220 students) from the region of Lombardy;
  • Greek Gymnasio Nikaias (160 students) from the Thessaly region;
  • No 2 Secondary School „Prof- Nikola Marinov“ (1240 students) from Bulgarian Targovishte.


Each project participating institution will provide different kinds of educational topics:

  • Italy – aviation, transport and logistics;
  • Czechia – chemistry, physics, ecology, entrepreneurship;
  • Bulgaria – history, social studies and art;
  • Greece – food industry, local SMEs, biology.

A focused group are students aged 15 -18. Total 24 students of each school involved in mobilities.  

During 2 year project period we plan to run 12 mobilities always two partner schools meeting at a time.