About our school

No 2 Secondary School „Prof- Nikola Marinov“ is a secondary school with a history of  50  years. With more than 1200 students, aged 6 to 19, the school is the largest in Targovishte region. 

The students develop their abilities in the following sections: Technology, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Arts.

 Uniqueness to the school is added by the 4 music- and art-profiled classes from 9th to 12th grades. The students from the Music, Fine Arts and Choreography classes organize a lot of concerts and exhibitions to show the public what they have learnt and  contribute to a great extent to the overall cultural life of the town of Targovishte.

 The talented students of our school have won prestigious awards, scholarships for gifted children, medals and diplomas in various fields of knowledge, sports and arts.