29th May – 3rd June 2022 Czech Science for Bulgaria 

Mobility called  Czech Science for Bulgaria was based on scientific content too.

It involved these events:

  • welcome ceremony at Letohradske soukrome gymnazium, tour around the school, visiting some lessons (English, German, History and Maths), lesson of Czech language with the aim to learn greetings, numbers and basic phrases and after lunch in a school canteen a Town Game where Czech and Bulgarian students worked in groups to complete tasks about the town, its sights and history;
  • sightseeing focused on local places (Museum of Crafts, Orlice Stronghold)
  • practical workshops in a school lab were about luminescence, experimenting with own eyes, optical effects, cow’s eye dissection and making polymers from monomers;
  • rafting afternoon on a dam called Pastviny to try rafting. LSG is proud to have its own rafting teams successful in the world and Europe championships.
  •  an excursion to a pharmaceutical company called Contipro (one of the world’s leading producers of hyaluronic acid);
  • presentations made by students about both schools and countries, about regional city Pardubice, the capital Prague and school town Letohrad. Other classes from LSG were joining the presentations with the aim to inform the most of the students and parents.
  • a trip to a regional city Pardubice with a sightseeing tour and free time in the city (Czech and Bulgarian students together);
  • visiting Funpark in Letohrad where students had fun on trampolines and had a climbing lesson;
  • a trip to Prague to see the most important sights – Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Golden Lane and to have fun and learn in the Museum of Senses which concluded the scientific topic based on optics. 

This was the last mobility of the project Let’s learn from the others. We made it !!!! Hooray!!!!


1st – 7th May 2022 – Greek Culinary Culture for the Czech Republic, Italy and Bulgaria

Kalimera! Hello from Greece

Everyone who attended Gymnasium Nikaias was very lucky because the Greeks are very warm hosts and they had a wonderful program for us. They are proud of their history, ancient monuments and national cuisine. They introduced us to everything with great enthusiasm. Together with students from partner schools in Targivishte and Gallarate we visited unique Meteora monasteries built on rocks, royal tombs in Vergina, several museums where real archaeologists taught us about history. 

We experienced the atmosphere of Greek seaside resorts of Volos and Platamonas, evening bars and Greek national dances. We climbed to the top of Mount Olympus and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. A Greek team has prepared an excursion to a family factory that produces feta cheese. Greek grandmothers showed us how to make savory cakes with feta cheese, and we also tried to make them. Last day we met a herbalist and homeopath Karina, she told us about herbs and how to use them in everyday life, we collected herbs together and created macerates using alcohol and olive oil. And at the end we had to say Good Bye… We recommend everyone to see Greece, it is a beautiful country full of warm and open people.

4th – 8th April 2022 – Czech Science for Greece

From May 4th to 8th 2022 we welcomed a group of Greek students and their teachers at LSG. The Erasmus + program „Let’s learn from others“ was  packed with workshops from physics, biology and chemistry.  Exploring the sights of Letohrad, Pardubice and Prague was also included as well as  various leisure activities. We organized a farewell party during which we cooked together and learned national dances and presented our favorite songs. We all had a great time during the whole week.

28th March – 1st April – Bulgarian Cultural Heritage for Italy, the Czech Republic and Greece

Dear friends from Italy, the Czech Republic and Greece, We hope you could learn a bit about the history and the cultural heritage of our country. We were very glad to have you in our school and in our town. Thanks a lot for your participation in this challenging Erasmus+ Project! With your contribution, we have succeeded in making this meeting meaningful to teachers and students.

Dear Elena and all Bulgarian teachers and students, thank you very much for your hard work on the program for us during the mobility week. We enjoyed visiting No 2 Secondary School “Prof. Nikola Marinov” in Targovishte as well as sightseeing and dancing Bulgarian dances. Many greetings …

14th – 18th March 2022 – Aeronautics for Bulgaria and Greece

Kalimera! Hello from Greece

Students and teachers from No 2 Secondary School “Prof. Nikola Marinov” in Targovishte, Bulgaria and Greek students and their teachers from Gymnasio Nikaias had the unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of the world of aviation.

It happened during our visit from 14th to 18th March to Istituto Vinci -our partner school under the Erasmus+ project „Let’s learn from others“. Yes, we did learn a lot from the lectures of former pilots, we even had our first steps in piloting both military and civil aircrafts (of course simulators). We had a great time in Varese, at Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, at Volandia-one of the largest aviation museums in Europe with more than a hundred aircrafts of all kinds.

We came back home with unforgettable memories, highly appreciating the opportunities Erasmus + Programme gives the students to learn, to communicate, to get to know new cultures and to make new friends.

15th December 2021 – LSG at Istituti Vinci

In the week from 6 December to 12 December 2021, we visited Istituti Vinci Aviation and Language School in Italy as part of the Erasmus+ program. We attended many interesting lectures in the field of aviation and natural sciences. We also visited many sights and museums, such as the Duomo di Milano, Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, one of the largest aviation museums in Europe with more than a hundred planes in Volandia and the beautiful Lake Como. We also tried flight simulators, so we became more advanced air transport users. We love delicious Italian cuisine, because we really enjoyed eating out in Italian restaurants. We all enjoyed our stay, we definitely recommend participating in other Erasmus + events.

Many thanks to our Italian friends from LSG studetns!

7 – 13th November 2021 – Istituti Vinci at LSG

We are happy to annnounce that students from Istituti Vinci spent one week at LSG. We had wonderful time together. In Prague we went sightseeing and exploring Museum of senses. At LSG we had several scientific workshops based on physics, chemistry nad = and biology and we are very grateful we could visited a world leading manufacturer of high-quality hyaluronic acid – Contipro too.

Our program wasn’t only about science but we also had fun together at school, at Funpark on trampolines and climbing walls and while hanging out in Letohrad.